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Oliven Italia team

Cycling brings different people together and we have created an eclectic team of which we are very proud. Someone has been with us from the beginning, many for over 10 years.

We have been working together for a long time and this harmony makes the work easier and makes the journey even smoother.Our team is made up of two different but complementary professional roles: the tour leaders by bike and the companion who follows the group with the van.All the guides know each tour well but we want Puglia to be led by a “Salentino”, the Langhe by a “Piemontese”, Lazio by Romans, etc.

The conductor with the van takes care of the luggage transport and emergency bike transport, but also the preparation of picnics and supplies with water and fruit.

For us it is a joy to get together every year at the beginning of the season and spend a weekend between technical meetings, rides, games and a great desire to get back on the road with a nice group to drive through our beautiful Italy!

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


First he is a friend then a colleague, one of the pillars of our organization. He is the driver we all want to have for safety and sympathy. Luigi accompanies us with wonderful picnics, his brightness and his unmistakable style.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Hills and paths of Langhe (Piemonte) have no secrets for him. The tourist offices of the area rely on him and want him to mark the paths. You never get bored with Marcello, he has a word about everything and radiates a contagious sympathy.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Has always been fascinated by tourism, therefore she developed a wide experience exploring and scouting various territories. Always smiling our Pugliese DOC loves to show her land, both on foot and biking as well as diving in the sea.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


“Leading people biking for tourism makes me really happy” is how Mario describes himself.  Our Friulan Doc guide is lover of nature, he is graduated in biological sciences and combines his two passions becoming a tour guide specialized in cycling trips.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Born in Norway, but now a true Italian! She is an expert bike tour and has been working with us since the beginning, therefore, she knows all our itineraries very well. Traveling with her means to enjoy her professionalism and share her cheerfulness. The best mix of Italy and Norway.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Because of his eclectic past experiences Claudio is a winning mix of skills. He speaks several languages, ​​masters bicycle mechanics and has a wide musical culture. What more would you wish?

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Definitely the keywords to describe Maurizio are kindness and professionalism. Scrupulous and always ready to smile. Due to his long  experience in a  travel agency he is a valuable collaborator attentive to all details and very reliable.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Very good to sing a Roman “stornello” as to repair a wheel, Giuliano enriches our tours with freshness and sympathy. A traveling minstrel and a capable tour leader with an extra touch of joy.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Recently graduated in Bologna, a young man who already moves like a veteran, also because of the examples of his father Maurizio and brother Giuliano. A very united and efficient team that often accompanies our tours together to delight our customers.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


The love for bicycles and conviviality have transformed this engineer into the perfect helmsman of the ship of our tour bikes. Thanks to his care and attention, everything runs smoothly like a well-oiled gear. He plays rock music and his guitar often travels with him.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


He is an architect, lives in Rovereto and he is involved in various activities. He has an innate passion for cycling, especially mountain biking. His enthusiasm can take you everywhere, as he knows how to team up like no other. With him, you have Trentino and Veneto at your feet.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


He lives in Lyon, France. French with Italian parents. He radiates sympathy and nothing can take him down. He has a word for everyone in all situations. He is the driver always available and tireless who follows our groups. Its french accent makes him even more likeable!

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


He is Polish, he lives a bit in Rome a bit in Poland. He studied history and languages at the university in Italy working in the meantime in the restaurant business. He also speaks Norwegian very well. Versatile, always courteous and well-disposed he takes good care of everything and everyone.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Guide and tour leader, walking or biking searching the beauty of the territory, he is in love with his Puglia. He has a degree in Cultural Heritage and loves to talk about history, art and landscapes. He is very accurate and reliable.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Luca was born, lives and works in Peschiera Del Garda. He runs with his family a bike shop, a restaurant bar, a small hotel and a minivan company for transfers. He finds time to do everything and he does it very well too. He mainly deals with our self-guided tours in the Garda Lake area.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


He has a german name, but he comes from a charming corner of Lazio, la Tuscia. Liben is one of our most willing and tireless tour guide as well as an experienced musician. He always faces work with serenity, dynamism and energy.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


He mainly deals with our Self-guided tours in Tuscany. He started to plan bike tours from his desk, but soon turned in a tour guide, mechanic, assistant the more and more specialized in Lucca and Tuscany which have no secrets for him.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Because of her passion for animals she graduated in Pisa in Science and Technology of Animal Production. With care and attention, she divides her time between working in the office and accompanying our groups. A slender and elegant pack leader.

Oliven Italia bike tour - equipe


Official guide of Rome and Vatican, her expertise extends over the whole Peninsula. A precious help when we prepare our programs. She started long time ago as a tour leader all over the world, now she is also an  unmissable guide for tours of Rome.

Oliven Italia - web designer


She studied in Paris and is the artistic eye of Oliven Italia. With her technological expertise, she takes care of our web communication. We rely on the web manager’s technique and creativity and we know she loves us all the same if we don’t understand her precise technical terms.

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